March 19th 2017
Stability problems of UART-communication appears to have been completely fixed.

January 30th 2017.
Upon connection with the PC the firmware won’t always communicate straight away. Try resetting the nucleo and/or reupload the firmware. Look at the output from the Otterly CCD GUI in the terminal. When pressing you should get something like this:

12 bytes written
7388 bytes received

If nothing is received, try the steps outlined above.

My guess is that since there’s no handshaking between the MCU and the PC a non-empty serial buffer can mess things up.

Priority: Medium. Fixed
The linux termios system is big and confusing. Virtual serial devices like the nucleo board is not making it easier. In a not so distant future I will probably move everything to a raspberry pi 3 and use its USART instead of the ST-link’s ttyACM