Connecting the CCD and the MCU

To connect the TCD1304 to the Nucleo F401RE simply make the following connections:

  1. fM connects to PB1
  2. SH connects to PB10
  3. ICG connects to PA1
  4. Output connects to PC3

Ideally the TCD1304 runs on 4.0 V, but connecting V+ to the +5V pin works fine. For improved performance the power supply for the CCD can be split into analog and digital lines.

Don’t forget GND.


The pin-out for the TCD1304 PCB (SMD-version).


The pin-out for the TCD1304 PCB (through-the-hole). NB: The parts numbering differs between the two boards.


The Nucleo F401RE’s pins.

If you’re a low-noise freak, you may want to pull down unused GPIOs and connect them to GND. The following GPIOs are pulled down by default in the firmware:

PA0, PB0, PB2 and PC2

If you find the pins on the F401RE inconveniently positioned, it’s possible to choose other pins. It’s not an entirely free choice, confer with the alternate function mapping in the datasheet. And try to keep the driving pulses away from ADC-in (PC3).¹