Connecting the F401RE with the rpi

The SPI headers on the raspberry pi are located on:

  1. MOSI P1-19 (GPIO10)
  2. MISO P1-21 (GPIO09)
  3. SCLK P1-23 (GPIO11)
  4. GND P1-25

On the nucleo board these are located on:

  1. MOSI on PB15
  2. MISO on PB14
  3. SCLK on PB13
  4. GND – there are lots to choose from

Regarding firmware releases after december 2017

Up until december 2017 the software on the rpi would transmit a command to the nucleo, and then wait a bit longer than actually needed before reading the contents of the nucleo’s data-array.

This is obviously not a viable design for a high frame-rate system (which is the whole point of using an rpi).

In later releases,  the SPI-fw signals when a new data-set is ready for download by changing the logic state of PB2 on the nucleo, which in turn is monitored by the hfCLI through GPIO22 on the rpi.

So one more connection is required in addition to the SPI-wiring:

  • PB2 -> GPIO22

This also means that the graphical user interface must be used in conjunction with an SPI-fw from before december 2017.