Other peoples projects

Not strictly “about”, but at least it’s about the TCD1304.

Every time I come across a project using the TCD1304 I will put it here. If your project is missing or I misspelled or something, please let me know through the contact form.

The user Reim at forum.pjrc.com has written a firmware to drive the TCD1304 with a Teensy 3.2 His post is here:  TCD1304 driver for Teensy 3.2

Over at publiclab Jacks Summers is upgrading the WheeTrometer with a TCD1304. He’s using a Tiva board. Still a work in progress. Find it on publiclab and github.

Jacob Booth has built a spectrophotometer inspired by the OtterVIS. He’s using a freescale  MK02FN128VLF10 processor to drive the TCD1304 in a circuit of his own design. He has documented it on his blog Jake has a hobby.

Jens-Ulrich Fröhlich built my OtterVIS spectrometer and shows it off on his blog
Leaves of science. He has done great improvements on the GUI and he uses Octave for data-manipulations.

He improved a bit on the firmware and his revision has been included the source.

A line scan medium format camera back (for the Mamiya RB67).

I’m a Hasselblad user, but I still think this is a really cool project, and I can’t wait to see the first images come out.

16-bit CCD Transmission Spectrograph

Dave Allmon way better with electronics than me. He’s using an atmel to drive the TCD1304.

FPGA driver for the TCD1304

FPGA’s are really cool and that’s all I know about them. There’s also alot interesting laser-physics related stuff on this blog.

Apparently a VIS-spectrometer.

I can’t find anything else but these pics on dropbox.

3D print filament width sensor

I’ve just looked quickly, so maybe I got it wrong. What I’m sure I did understand is that the TCD1304 is driven with a teensy. (Apparently you can drive the CCD at significantly lower speeds than the datasheet says).