The graphical user interface for the TCD1304.

The pyCCDGUI is a platform-independent graphical user-interface written in python3. It’s compatible with the UART-firmware for the STM32F401 and the USB-firmwares for the STM32F103 and the STM32F405.

You will need a working python3 interpreter. Make sure the modules numpy, pyserial and matplotlib are installed.

To run it, type:


The help functions in pyCCDGUI should give enough information to get you started, but the firmware section and especially the command-line interface section are encouraged reading.

NB: The examples in the help functions are all based on a firmware  running the CCD at 2,0 MHz and on an MCU with 32-bit timers. If you use the STM32F103, the CCD clock is 800 kHz and the SH- and ICG-periods may not exceed 65535.


Find everything in the Downloads section.

Stand-alone executables

I provide stand-alone executables for Windows and macOS.